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Specialty coffee made
with you in mind

Sips Coffee Roasters is a family. We are a husband, wife, and toddler! team of specialty coffee roasters. We roast coffee that tastes good no matter how you have it. From getting your Monday started right to an afternoon pick-me-up, our coffee has you in mind. Every single origin and blend we produce is brewed at least 8 different ways, and even reheated, to ensure that you have a consistently great cup each time. We are that obsessed with coffee! We believe that finding the right coffee doesn’t have to be overly complicated and it shouldn’t take extra time just to figure out how you’re going to fuel your day. That warm feeling of comfort, alertness or stamina - we’re here for all of the reasons you love coffee. You deserve a great cup of coffee each and every time and that’s what we promise from each and every one of our beans.


Their story, our story, your story.
Sips Coffee Roasters

Uche and Gail are the husband and wife team behind Sips. They are the passion and success behind the coffee. Roasting their own coffee is what happened when curiosity around sourcing coffee and their shared love for a good cup of coffee every morning collided. What started from roasting coffee at home in their kitchen while their newborn took naps led to Sips Coffee Roasters and their first retail store location in Miami, Florida. They had one goal then and one goal now, roast good coffee. They believe everyone deserves great coffee and fancy tasting notes and complicated descriptions shouldn’t be a barrier to that. Coffee starts our day and fuels it, and how and when we have it varies. When they started Sips, with a newborn in town, it was all about convenience and their trusty Mr. Coffee machine as they worked late hours to bring their retail store to life. Sure they still love an elaborate Pour Over and exquisite French Press but they don’t always have the time for that and how their coffee tastes shouldn’t depend on what you use. Sips Coffee promises to be delicious no matter how you brew it, do what works for you. Like our community, our coffee is limitless.