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Roast Days

We say this humbly, roast days used to be the worst days. Before we were roasting at our own location we had a borrowed roasting operation set up 90 miles from us, and although we love to roast planning and shipping was tough. All our coffee goes from farm, whether it be Nicaragua, Mexico, Honduras, Brazil or any other place, to roaster to cup. Before now it was more like to roaster to shipping facility to our own facility to cup. That extra process added another week to our roasting operations. Now we’re happy to be roasting on our own in our space for that genuine from roaster to cup or your home experience. This year has been tough and figuring out this process has been an added challenge but tough times forced us to figure out how to get you good coffee in a more efficient way. We are thankful for that push to making it best for our customer. Here’s to the best roast days.

Good coffee, always and forever.


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