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And We’re Roasting!

Although we have been roasting for over a year, this week of roasting is different. This is the first time we have roasted coffee on our own roaster in our restaurant/roastery space. In the past, we roasted in a different location that was quite honestly a bit of a logistics nightmare. Now for the first time we are roasting, bagging, selling and shipping coffee out of one location. Not knowing it a year and half ago, we called our then restaurant location our flagship location. We thought, first location, flagship. But now that name means even more. It’s where the Sips coffee shop was born but now also where Sips Coffee Roasters, our coffee for you, is created. We can’t wait to start shipping you the good stuff this week!

We’ve always had one goal and continue to have one goal:

Good coffee, always and forever.

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